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Cold Rooms

Hospitals And Research Lab

Cold rooms are required in research labs to store different materials like Blood samples, Serum samples, Diagnostic kits etc. under controlled temperature. We understand different needs of these products and offer modular cold rooms for different temperature conditions. Cold rooms may be supplied with S.S cladding to give most hygienic conditions.

Hotels And Sweet Shops

Shakti offers fully hygienic Cold rooms of Different sizes to fit all temperature requirements of this industry.

Our cold rooms are designed to give best under rugged conditions. We take extreme care and caution to analyze the varied needs and requirements of our clients and offer our products accordingly.

Cold Rooms for Horticulture And Floriculture

These products need to be stored in specific temperature and humidity conditions. Humidity plays major role in storage of cut flowers and vegetables. We design non turbulent evaporator units for these cold rooms so as not to disturb soft petals of delicate flowers. These units are designed to achieve high humidity levels of 90-95%.

Meat And Sea Food Shops

These cold rooms are made using S.S. cladding. Corner panels are provided for proper cleaning of corners of rooms. Every care is taken at the time of installation to avoid any pocket for bacterial growth that results in fowl smell in the room.

Multiple units are provided in each room to achieve extremely low temperatures as per requirements of our customer.

Super Markets

Shakti offer Pre fab cold rooms made from Poly urethane panels with PPGI cladding to cater the requirement of Super markets. High and low humidity versions are available as per customer requirements. We offer cold rooms with optimum energy consumption at lowest prices.

Dairy And Icecream Parlors

India is largest producer of milk across the world. Large quantity of this milk is converted in milk products like Khoa, paneer and Ice cream.

Milk needs to be stored at low temperature and milk products need extremely low temperature for storage. We understand critical temperature need of this sector and provide optimum controls for the same.

Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms

Shakti has designed and installed cold storage facilities from throughout India.

Our cold stores are specifically engineered to the temperature and humidity requirements of the product and application. Freon or ammonia - simplex or multiplex, we provide the complete spectrum.

Design, Supply & Installation of

  • Horticultural cold rooms
  • Mushroom Storage
  • Floricultural cold rooms
  • Fruit cold rooms
  • Citrus cold rooms with de-greening technology
  • Banana ripening cold rooms
  • Meat cold rooms
  • Ice making freezer rooms
  • Fish cold rooms and freezers
  • Medical cold rooms
  • General cold rooms and freezer rooms
  • Insulated food-safe white wall panelling
  • Precise temperature monitoring and control
  • Quality refrigeration equipment